Horseboxseller has been successfully matching pre-loved, used horseboxes and second hand horseboxes to new owners for many years. Selling horse trucks, horse lorries, horse vehicles, horse trailers, transporters, bespoke builds and conversions. Brands include George Smith, Equicruiser, Oakley, Olympic, Lehel, Equitrek to name but a few.

We buy horseboxes, we sell horseboxes and you can part-exchange 3.5 ton, 3.9 ton to 6.5 ton, 7.5 ton and HGV used horseboxes from 10 ton to 26 ton. Please see our available stock online, or contact us for information.

We know what you need, we travel and compete horses too! We've been around for several years and we care and develop a relationship with our customers who often come back time again as they upgrade or needs change in their horsebox ownership. So if you're looking for a pre-loved, second hand or new build horsebox for your showjumper, hunter, show horses, riding club pleasure horse, polo or whatever the discipline, leisure or competition, we'd love to hear from you so we can supply what suits.

Our business is well placed to serve the needs of equestrian clients across the UK, Ireland and Europe, having sold and delivered horsebox lorries to Benelux, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Spain. Our range covers makes by Scania, Iveco (Ford), Renault, Mercedes, DAF, MAN, Volvo, Citroen and more. We have Knowledge and Understanding...

Take a look at some of the second hand horseboxes for sale from 3.5t, 3.9t to 6.5t, 7.5t and HGV from 10t to 26t. Generally we have more on-site. Chat with us and arrange to meet the team.